Scott Shackleford

Commercial Director

Having seen some fantastic growth over the past few years we recognised that various areas of the business needed some specific mentoring and training. Having spoken to Red Door we decided to implement some trials with our customer service team. The feedback from this was fantastic, what we soon realised was how diverse their training could be and their ability to get to the bottom of underlying issues and expand levels of communication was excellent. We particularly love the tailored training and cannot thank them enough for taking fragmented teams, enabling them to open up, discuss and progress as a department without creating the usual animosity. We recently had a Heads of Department meeting and all mangers across the business felt Red Doors input had far exceeded our expectations. We have now undertaken a series of training initiatives across all areas of the company from drivers to office staff to install the same customer service ethos and disciplines as we are all working and communicating to service the customer. The bespoke training clearly identifies our needs and is put into practice in a pragmatic and practical training package.

Having grown from a small family business to in excess of 20 million turnover it will be exceptionally important to maintain our values and levels of communication to in return retain our staff and of course customers, we now as a matter of course approach Red Door to undertake most scenarios of training across all departments of the business and see them as a key part of our business moving forward. Thank you again the Red Door Team.